1. What is the PTO?

The Orono Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a volunteer organization consisting of parents of Orono K-5 students. It is led by a seven-member Executive Board of parents, and the principals from Schumann Elementary and the Intermediate School. The mission of the PTO is to enhance the educational programs offered to Orono K-5 students through volunteering and fundraising.


2. How is the money used?

The classroom fees and PTO dues account for approximately one-third of the funds collected by the PTO each year.

School Fees

The PTO collects $35 per student in “school fees” on behalf of the elementary schools. These fees are used primarily in the classroom, and help support field trips, classroom parties, and supplement classroom activities. Using PTO resources to collect these fees prevents the need for teachers to request and collect money from parents throughout the year. These fees also cover teacher and specialist appreciation efforts.


PTO Dues

We ask all families to contribute PTO dues of $15 per family. These funds support PTO enrichment programs such as Publishing Center, Art Adventure, the Nature Center, Recess Rock Stars, 2nd Grade Imagination Fair, the IS Literature/STEM/Fine Arts Fairs, Parent Educational Speakers, Winter Movie Night, and much more.


3. What about the Fundraisers?

The PTO sponsors a variety of fundraisers each year including the Book Fair, Fun Fest, and the Spartan Read-A-Thon. Fundraisers account for approximately two-thirds of the funds collected by the PTO each year. The money raised through these fundraisers is directed toward field trips, grade-level specific books or supplies, and subject-specific curriculum enhancement. The PTO works with the principals to determine funding priorities each year.


4. What are “donations?”

This category is simply a way for parents to make additional (tax-deductible) contributions to be used in support of the PTO mission.


5. What are “opt-out contributions?”

Parents have asked for a way to make up-front contributions instead of participating in one or more of the fundraisers during the year. We use the term “opt-out” for these contributions. The average opt-out contribution is $90 per student.


Please contact Maggie Masica at vicetreasurer@oronopto.org if you have any questions regarding this process. We look forward to a great 2017-2018 school year!



Financial Documents


Dues & Fees Worksheet to Pay Offline


Expense Reimbursement Form


2017-2018 Budget