Click the PayPal Link Below to Pay Your Field Trip Fees 



 As a courtesy to both Schumann and the Intermediate School,  the PTO will again collect Field Trips fees for the students.  Schumann and IS need approximately $35,000 to fund their field trips for the 2019-2020 school year. The schools are asking that you give $30 per student to help pay for the expenses and transportation costs associated with these field trips.  


For instance: if you have a 2nd grader at Schumann and a 4th grader at IS- your total expense would be $30 x 2 =$60.


Regardless of which school your child is at, the field trip expense is $30 per child.  The PTO will be dividing the money between the two schools based on enrollment and you do not need to make two separate payments if you have children in different schools.


In the past, the PTO collected fees for field trips as part of the Dues and Fees each family paid to the PTO each year.  The Field Trip fees portion was sent to the schools directly and the PTO used the membership fees to pay for classroom parties and our programs.  Recently, data privacy laws prevented the District from providing contact information for parents who opted out of sharing this information - this was about 1/2 of all elementary school families. 


Consequently; in November of 2017, the PTO, with the school’s input, decided to stop collecting field trip fees and membership dues. The plan was that going forward the schools would begin collecting these fees directly from parents through FeePay- similar to other local schools.  Unfortunately, the School District informed the PTO and the schools that a school board policy prevents the schools from doing so and asked that PTO help collect funds for field trips. This is a necessary contribution from the parents because the District does not have money in its budget for the field trips as it is usually a parent paid expense.


We began collecting Field Trip fees separately last year and as a result of our successful campaign, no field trips were cancelled. We are hoping to get the money to the Schools earlier this year so that they can schedule their field trips accordingly and continue to enhance our children’s educational experience with this important part of the curriculum.  Please see below for the convenient ways to pay your children's Field Trip fees.


PTO funds are 100% donation based and critical to our support of school programs. Since membership dues are no longer collected, your financial support through donations as well as support of our fundraisers, like our Read-A-Thon and Fun Fest, are important to the success of our schools and the mission of the PTO.


Ways to pay


Online Option- click the PayPal link below 



Check Option-  Make checks payable to Orono PTO and send them either in your child's folder or drop off directly at the Schumann or IS office. Please be sure to note “FIELD TRIPS” in the memo line.