Fundraisers are more important than ever moving forward in the PTO. Without collecting Dues & Fees, these now make up 100% of the PTO's annual budget. If your family does not plan on participating in PTO fundraisers or events, please consider making a donation to the PTO. This will enable all of our valued programs and grants to continue.


The PTO sponsors a variety of fundraisers each year. Our goal is to combine our fundraising efforts with community events that bring our families together. This year, we are (1) inspiring students to read during our Annual Spartan Read-A-Thon; (2) hosting the Scholastic Book Fair; (3) putting together another great family Fun Fest and online auction; (4) taking advantage of Silent fundraisers such as Box Tops and Amazon Smile throughout the year. 

The money raised through these fundraisers is primarily directed toward grade-level specific books or supplies, subject-specific curriculum enhancement (i.e. math, science, reading, art, gym, music, technology, world languages), and specific office or classroom equipment needs.


The PTO works with the principals to determine funding priorities each year. Feel free to visit the Financials page of our website to see what we've supported this year!