Grade Level Enrichment


Some examples of various grade level enrichment consists of:  Kindergarten Graduation, Fifth Grade Graduation, Service Day, Classroom and Library books, Artist in Residence,  Classroom Grants, and much more.


Schumann Elementary

  • Arts Enrichment: Artist in Residence
  • Challenge-Memberships to organizations for Talented & Gifted education; Challenge books; analogy sets; competitions fees; CML tests for the year
  • Language Arts Enrichment:  Writer in Residence; books; tubs for books; listening center; chart paper and other supplies
  • Library:  books
  • Music:  Musician in Residence; Spectrum Blindfold set
  • Naturalist:  Visits from Naturalist three times a year; Coleman stove propane; maple syrup and pancake breakfast supplies
  • Phys Ed:  Jump ropes; volleyballs; fitness tester; Diabetes Walk funding
  • Principal:  Bagels for staff meeting; Lunch Bunch books; Book bins; Snacks for K-5 staff meeting; bagels for para-professional week
  • Recess Rock Stars:  Buddy Bench Sign; Recess Rock Star Pillars
  • School Agendas:  Student planners and agendas for Teachers who request
  • Science & Math Enrichment:  Foil, salt, seeds, cups; potting soil; Everyday Math card decks and dice; solar calculators; pattern block template; mealworms & worms; math graphing materials
  • Special Ed:  iPads, Bio-Feedback technology 
  • Technology Enrichment:  Reading A-Z Licenses; Tumbleweed Press
  • Theme Enrichment:  Character of Pillar Markers; Character Counts Pins
  • World Language:  Arts and crafts supplies for projects


Intermediate School

  • Arts Enrichment:  Clay materials; glaze and tiles for art project; tree project; Artist in Residence
  • Band:  Measure of Success books; band music; digital voice recorders; reeds; repairs; drum stand
  • Challenge:  Memberships to organizations for Talented& Gifted educations; Challenge books; analogy sets; competition fees, CML tests for the year
  • Language Arts:  Books for guided reading; Time magazine subcription
  • Library:  Books, book repair materials
  • Music:  Piano tuning; various class supplies; Activate! music magazine subscription
  • Naturalist:  Firewood; birdseed; pancake breakfast supplies; visits from Naturalists
  • Principal:  Working lunch for staff
  • Agendas:  Student Agendas
  • Special Education:  iPads
  • Theme Enrichment:  Recess Rocks trophies and prizes
  • World Language:  Spanish books and videos; world map; various other class materials
  • 5th Grade Graduation expenses



Annual Special Funding


  • Amplification Systems for K-5 classrooms (2014) 
  • Chrome Books for Schumann Elementary for Professional Learning Communities 
  •  Recess Carts for indoor recess at the Intermediate School (2014) 
  •  Scholastic Dollars/Book Room Donation (2015) 
  • Binoculars for Nature Center (2016) 
  •  PTO Enrichment Programs 
  •  Academy Awards/STEM/Fine Arts Fair
  • Parent and Community Enrichment
  • Book Room Funding
  • Ihduhapi Camp Funding
  • Imagination Fair
  • Classroom Grants
  • Staff Conference Meals
  • Amity Program
  • Kindness Retreat for 1st and 4th Grade